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This event “Wuhan University Creative Modeling Aerial Shooting Season”, shooting locations could be Wuhan major universities, or DongHu Scenic Area, the colleges can sign up for classes or various association. The creative students will design their own creative drone shooting style and make an appointment in advance.
The event will from now until November 30. At present, you can sign up by leaving a message in the Changjiang Travel WeChat public number, or register for an appointment on the website’s event interface.


Drone sharing platform: Xiangfei one touch called fly.
Xiangfei will gradually provide aerial photography, drone training, surveying and mapping, drone rental, drone load, water conservancy inspection, power inspection, shared drone, drone driver cloud and other platform services.
Big data analysis, AI intelligent scheduling, Achieve order intelligence matching and route planning!
Legal flight across the platform, guarantee users, guaranteeing drone drivers. We’ll establish a credit system to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of both parties.



At present, China’s drone are mainly concentrated in the field of civil consumption.
MarketsMarkets, the world's second largest market research consultancy, believes that the global small drone market size will reach $1.9 billion by 2020; market research firm ABI Research predicts that by 2019, the market size of small drones for commercial use will reach $5.1 billion; Lux Research points out that the commercial drone market will reach $1.7 billion in 2025.
At present, the rapid development of the mind control system; the fuel is improving in a direction of being more environmentally friendly, safer, cheaper, and has higher endurance; the development and research of the autonomous driving system is faster; all of this will push the drone to a smarter, more connected, and more popular level.


In 2015, it was called “the first year of drones” by many media.In 2015, the civil drone industry showed an explosive trend. After 2016, the civil drone market and application fields continue to expand.New products emerged in an endless stream, new technologies accelerated upgrade, and regulatory policies continue to improve.
In the past two years, the civil drone market has been greatly developed due to the maturity of technology, cost reduction, policy-driven and other factors.
And according to the report of iResearch, the development trend of China's drone industry, by 2019, the size of China's consumer drone market will exceed 24 billion yuan, which shows that the market capacity is very impressive in the future.


Xiangfei is devoted to create a professional O2O platform in drone sharing field. Through the integration of online and offline resources, the in-depth understanding of the integration of the industry chain, drone services and airspace security, we will become a one-stop service platform covering multiple services in the field of drone sharing.At present, Xiangfei has officially entered the stage of entrepreneurship 1.0, hoping that more elites and talents will join in and build a platform for sharing drones.

Company mission

Let more people enjoy the service of drones

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Become a drone sharing platform that serves multiple scenarios

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Integrity, integrity, sunshine, service, openness, growth


Xiangfei is developing dramatically, do you want to grow and grow with us? Join us.

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